rainesilvrbirch (rainesilvrbirch) wrote in luna_tics,

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Hello & Merry Meet! I hope this community is still active...

Anyways, I figured I'd introduce myself-

I've always been into Magick, even before I knew what it was. My earliest memory of actually working a 'real spell' was when I was 13 and conducted a love spell (needless to say, it semi-worked, but for the wrong reasons...) I've kinda bounced in and out of it, due to my living with my family, but once I moved out, I began to become interested and felt a calling to go back to it. The Goddess showed me I had finally found my path, when I was outside talking to a friend about her problems and I just began looking around at the moon, the trees, the sky, everything and realized how beautiful it was and just began dancing. When I began to explain to my friend (who is a so-called 'witch') how I was feeling at that moment and that I thought she should turn to the Goddess and ask Her for Her guidance, I looked up and saw my first shooting star. From that moment on, I knew She had shown me and proved to me She was there, watching and listening and being. Since then I've just been researching and collecting information and items to continue on my path.

I joined this community in hopes of finding help, guidance and sharing what knowledge I come across to help others on their paths. :)

so what about you?
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