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Hi and Merry Meet :).. not sure if this is ok to post! please let me know if it's not. 
12:47pm 13/11/2010
  My name is El and I wanted to invite you all to join in a brand new world wide pagan community project.

The Merry Meet!


Created by the Pagan Community, for the Pagan Community.

Where pagans, psychics and alternative spiritual types connect from around the globe!

Create your profile, make a group and forum for your coven, join other pagans and spiritual folk in intelligent conversation on our forums, share images, music and stories or simply connect with new and old friends.

You can even create and promote your events or your pagan related business!

The Merry Meet is here to bring together our community with Love, Joy and Wisdom. We're still brand new and slowly ironing out the kinks so please be patient with us!


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10:35pm 02/09/2008

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07:38am 01/04/2006
  Hello & Merry Meet! I hope this community is still active...

Anyways, I figured I'd introduce myself-

I've always been into Magick, even before I knew what it was. My earliest memory of actually working a 'real spell' was when I was 13 and conducted a love spell (needless to say, it semi-worked, but for the wrong reasons...) I've kinda bounced in and out of it, due to my living with my family, but once I moved out, I began to become interested and felt a calling to go back to it. The Goddess showed me I had finally found my path, when I was outside talking to a friend about her problems and I just began looking around at the moon, the trees, the sky, everything and realized how beautiful it was and just began dancing. When I began to explain to my friend (who is a so-called 'witch') how I was feeling at that moment and that I thought she should turn to the Goddess and ask Her for Her guidance, I looked up and saw my first shooting star. From that moment on, I knew She had shown me and proved to me She was there, watching and listening and being. Since then I've just been researching and collecting information and items to continue on my path.

I joined this community in hopes of finding help, guidance and sharing what knowledge I come across to help others on their paths. :)

so what about you?

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10:23am 26/05/2005
  Phase Tracking
Synchronizing With The Moon
In the modern world, we spend so much time indoors, it is easy to lose track of the moon. Very few people could answer with confidence what phase the moon is in at any given time. Is it full or new? Is it waxing or waning? But if you decide to become aware of the moon, it can be very rewarding to observe it as it waxes to full and wanes to darkness every month. Just knowing what's going on with the moon helps us feel more connected to the shifting of the natural world. It also offers the possibility of harmonizing our own energy with natural rhythms.

New moons are good times to begin things, from planting a garden to dreaming up a new goal or vision. The energy of the waxing, expanding moon influences all things to grow. Full moons are good times for completion. If there is a project you want to finish, aim to finalize it by the time of the full moon. As the moon wanes back into darkness, allow yourself to be emptied, swept clean for the new project, or the new commitment, that the new moon will bring. Utilize the energy of the waning moon when you are ready to cleanse, or release something you no longer want or need. During these times, integrate more stillness and introspection into your schedule.

Most calendars keep track of the full and new moon, but you can also buy much more detailed lunar calendars that show the phases of the moon for an entire year. Of course, the easiest and best way to track the moon is the natural way, looking for it every night, and observing it. After doing this for a while, you will begin to feel a kinship with the moon, knowing where it is in its cycle and feeling its influence on your life.

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06:46pm 18/05/2005
mood: hyper
The Moon is getting full.
Can you feel it????

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04:01pm 13/05/2005
  So I thought I'd post some of my favourite sites that have something to do with spirituality:
Pagan News
Witches' Voice
Mystic Wicks
Blue Moonstone
Oh My Gods!

Umm....ok *runs away*

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04:48pm 12/05/2005
  Well, to my knowledge, 4 people have joined and 3 people watch this community. I'm excited. I have a semi-successful community.
As soon as I have my time, I'll post more interesting things.

Umm...other than that, happy posting, everybody!

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*waves hiya* 
02:29pm 12/05/2005
mood: blah
Hello folks. I have finally gotten back to LJ and all that it offers = > I noticed your community and figured I would join. Not much to say really but just wanted to say hi.

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09:39am 08/05/2005
mood: calm
I like the name of this community. I am a moonchild and a bit loony, but nice. I don't know that much about about wicca yet but what I've heard so far sounds lovely. Peaceful and respectful of nature.

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05:05pm 21/02/2005
  Well, I just created this fantastic new community. I really hope people see it and join. If you're interested, please join and post and such. (All of my other communities end up failing).

I'm very interested in the Pagan spiritual path and I know there are other Pagan communities out there, but I decided to start one of my own anyways.


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